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Online Divorce provides qualitative and approved by the court Wyoming divorce forms. The information below will help you understand more about the divorce in Wyoming.



If you want to apply for a divorce in Wyoming, at least one of the spouses must reside in the state within 60 days before the application is filed.


Valid Grounds to get divorce

Wyoming is considered as a no-fault state. Nevertheless, courts still require the indication of some reasons for the divorce, they can be attributed to:

1) adultery

2) physical or psychological violence in the family

3) alcohol or drug dependence

4) spouses incompatibility

5) the refusal of a spouse to provide a family


Custody of the Child

Wyoming courts are always guided by the interests of the child when deciding on custody. Thus, quite often a joint custody decision is made to maximize the provision of the child with the living conditions that he had while his parents were married.

The following factors are also taken into account when making a decision:

1) the relationship of the child with the parents

2) the distance between the parents' places of residence

3) mutual understanding of parents regarding the custody of the child

4) the desires and ability of both parents to take care of the child

5) facts of abuse in the family


Rules for Child Support

Along with the rest of the states, Wyoming requires parents to financially support their children after the divorce, regardless of whether they have the right tuition or not. The amount of financial support is affected by the income of each parent, as well as their costs. Support is regulated by official guidelines, but sometimes there are some divergenses from them, which the court takes into account. To them it is possible to carry:

1) the special needs of the child

2) if the parent is a guardian of someone else

3) the employment of each parent

4) additional expenses for medical care of the child

5) time spent by the child with each parent


Rules for Spousal Support

During the divorce in the state of Wyoming, there are no specific rules regarding alimony. Sometimes a court can lick one of the spouses financially to support the second spouse for a short period of time, or for a long period, or it can be a one-time payment.


Mediation Support

The services of intermediaries can be requested by the court if minor children are involved in the divorce.


Divorce Forms in Wyoming

All the necessary forms of online can be found on the website of the courts of Wyoming, but not all of the documents you need to fill out. The papers that need to be submitted to the court will depend on the circumstances that have developed for your divorce. However, such documents as "Complaint", the "Summons" and "Confidential Financial Affidavit" should be filled absolutely without exception.

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