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To get a divorce in Missouri, at least one of the spouses is required to reside in the state at least 3 months before the filing of documents.


Valid Grounds to get divorce

The main reasons for filing for divorce in Missouri are no-fault grounds, which include irrevocable breakdown of marriage.


Custody of the Child

The court of Missouri will decide on the individual or joint custody of the child, guided solely by the interests of the child. The following issues can affect the court decision:

1) the child's age, health and education;

2) the relationship between the child and the parent, the atmosphere in the family;

3) the financial situation of both parents;

4) the wishes of the parents or the child;

However, if there was violence in the family, then the court will decide on individual care for the parent who did not show aggression. But nevertheless, Minnesota courts encourage both parents to make joint decisions about the future of the child.


Rules for Child Support

Support for children is governed by the rules of Missouri's child support guidelines. Calculation of financial support is based on the basic needs of the child and the financial ability of the parents to satisfy them. Support for the child ends after reaching the age of 18.

When assigning a support amount, the following factors are considered:

1) the standard of living of the child during the marriage of the parents;

2) the physical and emotional state of the child;

3) the cost of a child's medical insurance;

4) financial needs of the child;


Rules for Spousal support

If a spouse can prove in court that after a divorce he or she does not have the financial ability to support himself / herself, then the court will decide on the financial support of this spouse. A positive decision on the financial support of the spouse may be affected by the following issues:

1) the financial situation of the spouse who needs help;

2) the age of the spouses, his/her health, education;

3) the time it takes a spouse to acquire education or skills that will help him find a job that generates income;

4) duration of marriage;


Mediation Support

If the divorce proceedings have already begun, either party may file a request to use the services of mediators who are directed to resolving disputes concerning the custody of the child, but if the family has a history of violence, the mediators will not be involved in resolving the issues.


Divorce Forms in Missouri

All possible online divorce forms you can find on the site of the state of Missouri, as well as get acquainted there with the procedure for divorce. However, what kind of document you need to fill out for will depend on the circumstances of your divorce. Nevertheless, if you have children, you will need to draw up a plan for their upbringing and a form in which you will describe your vision of custody of the child. The experience of most couples shows that it is much easier and easier to get correctly drafted documents for divorce, using the services of Online Divorce. Using our service, you can be sure that all your online forms will be compiled correctly, according to state law. This will save your time and money.