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Online Divorce provides qualitative and approved by the court Utah divorce forms. The information below will help you understand more about the divorce in Utah.



If you want to apply for a divorce in Utah, at least one of the spouses must reside in the state within 3 months before filing the case.


Valid Grounds to get divorce

When divorced in Utah, it is possible to provide 2 types of grounds: fault and no-fault. If you apply for a divorce on the basis of the second type, the dissolution of the marriage will take less time, in which case the court will consider that between you and your spouse there are insurmountable differences that prevent you from being married. The first type of divorce means that one of the spouses was guilty during the marriage, and this fault must be proved in court. The reasons for the fault divorce are:.

1) if one of the spouses received a criminal conviction while in a marriage

2) if someone has an unhealthy psychiatric illness

3) impotence or infertility

4) domestic violence

5) one of the spouses intentionally left the second for a period of more than one year


Custody of the Child

During a divorce in Utah, the court always considers issues concerning custody if there are underage children in the marriage. The most common solution is joint custody, in which parents have equal weight in taking important questions about the upbringing of the child. However, there are situations when the court makes decisions in favor of a particular parent, which makes him the main guardian, this happens in cases when the court finds out that one of the parents does not have a keen desire to influence the life of their child on the basis of the best interests of the child .

The following factors are taken into account when deciding on custody:

1) the child's psychological, physical and emotional needs

2) the relationship of the child with each of the parents

3) the degree of participation of each parent in the upbringing of the child

4) the wishes of the child to stay with one of the parents if the child has reached the required age

5) the relationship between parents

6) geographical location of each parent's residence


Rules for Child Support

After the divorce, the courts of the state of Texas oblige parents to support their underage children who were born in marriage. Financial support includes the costs of raising a child, as well as his medical insurance. When deciding on the amount of financial support, Utah courts are governed by the Income Shares Model. The calculation is based on the gross income of both parents and the number of children who need financial support.


Rules for Spousal Support

The court has the right to award one of the spouses to pay alimony to another spouse after the divorce. The payment of alimony can not exceed the duration of the marriage. However, if before the termination of payment of alimony by the court certain mitigating circumstances will be found, the duration of payment of alimony can be prolonged for a longer period. Also keep in mind that the payment of alimony automatically ceases, if the spouse to whom financial support is paid, re-marries or if the spouse-payer in court proves that the spouse-recipient cohabits with someone.

The following factors can influence the decision of the court on financial support after the divorce:

1) the financial situation of the spouse who asks for maintenance

2) duration of the marriage

3) the ability of a spouse who asks for maintenance to earn his own, his education and professional skills

4) the financial situation of the spouse from whom support is required

5) whether the spouse requiring alimony is the guardian of the minor child

6) the time required by the requesting spouse to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge that will help him to find a stable income


Mediation Support

In divorce, a court in Texas may require a couple to use the services of mediators  to settle all disputes and come to a common decision. As any of the spouses can independently seek the help of intermediaries. In this case, the proceedings in court will be postponed for a period of 2 months or until the mediator informs that it is impossible to settle the differences.


Divorce Forms in Utah

On the Utah courts website, you can find some online divorce forms, as well as instructions on how to file a divorce. However, the types of forms that you need to fill out for you will depend on the circumstances of your divorce. However, such papers as "Verified Complaint for Divorce" and the "Summons" should be filled in anyway.

For many couples it is quite difficult to fill in divorce documents on their own. In such cases, they prefer to use the services of Online Divorce, we will help you choose exactly the forms that correspond to your divorce, and also help to fill them correctly in accordance with what the courts of Utah require.