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If you want to file a divorce in the state of Tennessee, then the spouse who applies for divorce must be a resident of the state for at least 6 months before filing the case. If there is any emergency in which the marriage should be terminated as soon as possible, you can apply for a rose immediately.


Valid Grounds to get divorce

In the state of Tennessee, there are two types of divorce: this is no-fault and fault. The first type includes marriages that are irretrievably broken, which means that the spouses no longer get along with each other and can not be together. The second type of divorce is characterized by the fact that usually one of the parties has claims to the second party, it can be:

1) narcotic or alcohol addiction of one of the spouses

2) a serious crime committed by one of the spouses in a marriage and his conviction

3) impotence, infertility or bigamy

4) adultery

5) if the spouses do not voluntarily live together for more than 2 years and have no common children

6) if one of the spouses intentionally left the second spouse for more than one year without any reasons or explanations


Custody of the Child

Under Tennessee law, if a child is 12 years old, the court must listen to his wishes as to which parent he or she wants to remain after the divorce. However, the child's testimony will not be a decisive factor in the decision to guardianship, because The court first of all should consider all circumstances in the family and make a decision based on the child's best interests.

Thus, the most common method of guardianship is guardian ad litem ("GAL"). Usually GAL appoint a lawyer or an employee in the field of psychological health or a social worker, he will collect full information about the relationship in the family, interviewing everyone with whom the child contacts, such as teachers, educators, nurses, neighbors, relatives. Having collected all the necessary information, the GAL provides a detailed written report to the judge with recommendations. In addition, the court may require additional examination of relations in the family, through the services of a psychologist who will test the emotional state of the child and parents, their level of mental health.


Rules for Child Support

The definition of child support is governed by the Child Support Guideline. This is one of the important parts of the divorce process, which is decided upon after the placement of the guardianship. The amount of financial support for a child is affected by the basic needs of the child, the income and expenses of each of the parents.


Rules for Spousal Support

When divorced in Tennessee, one of the spouses may require the other spouse financial support, which can be paid at a time, for life or for a certain period of time. A decision on financial support can be made if the needy spouse proves in court that he can not support himself.

The following factors can affect on the amount of financial support:

1) the needy spouse is already the guardian of the child

2) education and skills of a needy spouse

3) age of both spouses

4) income of the spouse from whom financial support is required

5) tax liabilities of the parties

6) the strength of the spouses spent on the creation and maintenance of home comfort

7) the time and education needed by the needy spouse for acquiring the skills and abilities that can provide him with income


Mediation Support

During the divorce in the state of Tennessee, the courts strongly recommend that couples use the services of mediators, this will help them resolve all the controversial issues regarding custody of the child and sign constructive decisions.


Divorce Forms in Tennessee

On the website of the courts of Tennessee you can find all the necessary divorce forms online, for some of them there is also a detailed instruction on how to fill. However, not all forms need to be filled, the types of documents that you must file a court will depend on your individual circumstances, which preceded the divorce. Nevertheless, here is a list of the forms that must be filled in any case: "Request for Divorce", "Spouses' Personal Information", "Final Decree of Divorce" and "Court Order for Divorcing Spouses".

If filling out online forms causes difficulties or any questions, Online Divorce is always ready to help you prepare your documents for divorce in accordance with the court requirement. We will determine which forms are appropriate for your divorce case, and also help you fill out without errors, which will significantly shorten the time of your divorce.