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If you want to file a divorce in the state of South Dakota, then the spouse who applies for divorce must be a resident of the state or be in the ranks of the armed forces at the time of applying to the court. If the plaintiff is an active member of the armed forces, then he must stay there until the divorce proceeding  is completed


Valid Grounds to get divorce

The cause of the divorce in the state of South Dakota can only be no-fault grounds. This means that you and your spouse no longer get along with each other, because there are disagreeable differences between you, which led to the fact that the marriage can be considered as irretrievably broken. However, if you accuse your spouse of anything, then these circumstances can be considered by the court when deciding on custody or joint property.


Custody of the Child

The courts of South Dakota make decisions based on what is best for the child. So both parents can be custodians, which leads to the fact that they equally spend time with the child after the divorce and equally participate in solving important issues of the life of their child. However, if a child has preferences for a particular parent and the child is able to make decisions himself, then the court will take this into account. In this case, the parent is not given any importance if he has not participated in the child's upbringing in any way.


Rules for Child Support

South Dakota courts require the spouses to provide financial support for their children after the divorce. The amount of child support for a child is calculated on the basis of the income of the parents and the time each spouse spends with the child.

The amount of financial support is calculated on the basis of the following factors:

1) the needs of the child

2) incomes and expenses of parents

3) tax liabilities

4) the presence of other minor children in the family


Rules for Spousal Support

If one of the spouses needs financial support after the divorce, the courts of South Dakota may award one of the spouses to pay alimony to help another on the basis of the following circumstances:

1) the duration of the marriage

2) the financial capabilities of the spouses

3) the possibility of the spouse-payer to meet the financial requirements


Mediation Support

The court may invite spouses to use the services of mediators so that they can resolve all disputable issues. In this case, the case will be postponed for up to 30 days.


Divorce Forms in South Dakota

You can find a list of all the necessary documents, as well as examples of forms online on the website of South Dakota. However, the kind of forms that you need to apply for a divorce will depend on your individual circumstances. But remember that there are such documents as the "Complaint (with or without children)", the "Financial Affidavit" and the "Summons" that need to be filled in anyway.

If you encounter any difficulties or obstacles in completing your divorce documents, the Online Divorce service is always ready to help you with your problems. We guarantee that you fill in exactly the documents that correspond to your divorce case, as well as receive online forms filled correctly in accordance with what the courts of South Dakota want.