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Online Divorce provides qualitative and approved by the court Indiana divorce forms. The information below will help you understand more about the divorce in Indiana.



In order to file a divorce case in Indiana, one of the two spouses is required to be the resident of this state for six months prior to filing of the case. Further, he or she must also be the resident of the county for three months before the case is filed.


Valid Grounds to get divorce

Courts of Indiana deals with only those divorce cases that are properly based on valid reasons. Two basic categories of these cases include fault divorces and no-fault divorces. Both the spouses have to agree with the reason and are required to validate it. Among these reasons, most common are:

1)Disloyalty in relationship.


3)Aggression and violence.

4)Irrecoverable illness in either of the spouse.


Custody of the Child

Many assume that the mother always gets custody of her children. This is not the case. While the courts usually agree to the decision of the parents in a mutual consent divorce, the courts are expected to see to the best interest of the child. In a contested divorce, the  courts will examine the ability of the mother or father to be a parent to the child, for example. Money is not usually a matter that is considered. Non-working mothers are regularly given custody of their children, but fathers are expected to provide financial support.


Rules for Child Support

Indiana’ child support guidelines apply in virtually every case, unless special circumstances are present. Both parties gross incomes  and certain child related expenses are taken into consideration when calculating child support. Child support will continue until the child reaches eighteen years of age, or until the child graduates from high school, whichever occurs later, and may be extended through secondary education.


Rules for Spousal support

Indiana may ask for the spousal support of either of the party based on following factors:

1)Employment chances of the spouse.

2)If the spouse has to forgo the employment for the proper care and nourishment of any child.

3)If the division of the property is not sufficient for one of the spouses.

4)For the education training of the spouse.

5)Income of the both the spouses and their debt obligations.


Mediation Support

Prior to or during divorce proceedings, the parties may choose to submit any or all of their issues to mediation so that they may proceed in court on an uncontested basis. The divorce papers you file for your specific situation will vary, but there are a few forms that are standard for all divorces in Indiana. These include the “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage”, the “Summons” and the “Financial Declaration”. If you do have minor children with your spouse, you will also need to file a “Child Support Obligation Worksheet”. The Indiana Judicial Branch Supreme Court website has a section devoted to divorce forms, where you can find and download forms based on the criteria you meet. As you will notice on the website, Indiana has four basic categories for divorce forms:

Divorce with Children – WITH an agreement on all issues

Divorce with Children – WITHOUT an agreement on all issues

Divorce without Children – WITH an agreement on all issues

Divorce without Children – WITHOUT an agreement on all issues


It is important to identify the category you fall into, and what it means as you move forward with your divorce. With Online Divorce  service, you will be guided to the appropriate documents for your circumstances, and receive assistance filling out your documents.