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Online Divorce provides qualitative and approved by the court Kentucky divorce forms. The information below will help you understand more about the divorce in Kentucky.



Before filing for divorce in Kentucky, one of the spurs is required to reside in the state for at least 180 days or about 6 months.


Valid Grounds to get divorce

You have to prove that you and your spouse can not get along together again, it will mean that the marriage is irretrievably broken. You do not have to prove that one of the spouses is to blame or did something wrong. However, you will need to prove to the court that one of the spouses did reside on the territory of the state within 6 months before filing for divorce.


Custody of the Child

Both spouses can equally claim custody of the child after the divorce. However, the Kentucky court makes its decision based solely on the interests of the child. Thus, guardianship is assigned to the parent who can create the best conditions for the upbringing of the child.

There are also cases when the court can decide on joint custody, which enables both parents to equally influence the life of the child. In making its decision, the Kentucky court takes into account the following factors:

1) the wishes of the child to stay with one or the other parent;

2) cases of domestic violence;

3) Stress resistance of the child;

4) wishes of the parents;

5) mental and physical health of the child and parents;


Rules for Child Support

Support for the child is given to the parent with whom the child spends most of the time. Support for the child is regulated by the Child Support Guidelines, which are officially installed by the state of Kentucky. The amount of financial support depends on the incomes and expenses of the parents. The following factors affect the size of the support:

1) the basic needs of the child;

2) the income of each parent;

3) the size of a child's medical insurance;

4) the need for special education of the child


Rules for Spousal support

Also one of the spouses has the right to claim support. The court may approve the request in the in case if:

1) in the near future, the spouse will not have a job that brings income;

2) the spouse lacks material and financial resources to meet basic needs;


In such cases, when making a decision, the court will analyze the following issues:

1) the living standard of the spouse during marriage;

2) the minimum time required for an education, which guarantees the future availability of work;

3) financial possibilities of the spouse-payer;

4) the financial situation of both parties

Mediation Support

Cases of reconcillation are possible when both spouses want it or at the request of the court. For this, there is a service of mediators, which will help resolve the disputed issues within 60 days.


Divorce Forms in Kentucky

You can find a list of all divorce forms online directly on the Kentucky website. However, the documents that you fill out for divorce will depend on your and your spouse circumstances. Also, you may encounter a situation where filling out a form will cause you additional questions and doubts. If you do not have the proper legal background, then filling in documents for a divorce can cause you some difficulties. Online Divorce services are always ready to help you to make all necessary documents correctly. By filling out the forms online on our website, you can be sure that they are made in accordance with the laws of the state of Kentucky and as required by the courts.