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If you want to apply for a divorce in the state of Colorado, the applicant must be living in the state for at least 3 months (90 days).

Further, the divorce papers can be submitted into the county where defendant resides. Else they can be submitted into the petitioner's county if the defendant is not the resident of Colorado.


Valid Grounds to get divorce in Colorado

Colorado is a state with no - fault reasons, which means that the courts will not take into account the misdemeanor or fault of the spouse when deciding on divorce or the division of property, children, and the appointment of alimony. The only reason for the divorce in Colorado will be taken "irretrievable breakdown" marriage. This means that the spouses no longer get along with each other and can not be married


Custody of the Child

Quite often parents make a decision on joint custody of the child and provide the court with a plan for upbringing.

In some cases, courts may decide on individual guardianship.

Courts in the state of Colorado will take a decision on the guardianship of the child based on the interests of the child, setting the parental time and parental responsibilities.

The following factors will affect on decision of the courts:

1) the wishes of the child;

2) the desires of the parents;

3) geographical location of parents;

4) the child's ability to adapt to the new environment;

5) the presence of domestic violence in the family;

6) the ability of both parents to create certain conditions for the upbringing of the child


Rules for Child Support

Both parents, regardless of the duration of their marriage, are required to support their child

Colorado’s specific child support guidelines are applied in virtually every case.

Support for the child should continue until he /she is 19 years old or until he/she finishes high school.

The amount of financial support for the child is calculated on the basis of the following factors:

1) the child's standard of living, if the marriage has not been terminated;

2) incomes of parents;

3) total expenses required for the upbringing of the child;


Rules for Spousal support

Spouses can make a mutual decision on the amount of alimony to one or another spouse, as well as the duration of this process.

If the couple does not come to a common decision, then the court has the right to decide on the support of one of the spouses to others

after the divorce. If the total income of the spouses is less than $75000 , then the spouse whose income level is less receives support of 40% of the income of the second spouse.

If the total income of the spouses is more than $ 75000, then the decision on the matrimonial support is affected by:

1) the age and health of the couple;

2) the time that a needy spouse needs to receive education in order to be able to get a job;

3) living standards of spouses during marriage;

4) duration of marriage;


Mediation Support

The court may require the participation of mediators in the case either at the request of the spouses or at its own discretion.

Also, the proceedings regarding the divorce can be extended for up to 60 days.


Divorce Forms in Colorado

The Colorado Courts service provides couples with free access to forms for divorce online, they can be found on the Colorado Judicial Branch website. There you can find and get acquainted with a huge list of documents for couples who have children, as well as childless families. You can also draw attention to the fact that the Colorado State requires detail of the many requested forms.

Online Divorce offers you a document filling service that will help you sort out the necessary papers and fill them correctly. Online Divorce guarantees that the forms filled out online on our website will be immediately accepted by the court without any remarks or alterations.