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Check If You Qualify Create your free account and answer a series of easy questions to determine if you qualify for doing your divorce documents online. You will answer simple questions about yourself, your spouse and your current situation. This process will take just a few minutes and all your information will be saved so that you can access it later.
Answer detailed questions Once you have qualified for our online divorce process, you will be asked more simple questions about you, your spouse, your children, property, debts and other details. This information is needed to get all of your documents ready for the court to process your case. Most people complete this step in less than 20 minutes. If you get stuck on any of the questions - our Customer Care team is available to help via email or phone. We won’t leave you hanging!
Review Completed Forms The hard work is done - we did it for you! Now you just have to review the forms to make sure that your answers correctly reflect your situation and that nothing has changed. If anything needs to be updated, we will update it for free. If you have a question - our Customer Care team will answer your question and help you understand anything that is unclear. No problems!
File the Documents Print all of your forms and filing instructions. Review your easy instructions and follow them closely, step by step. You will be told exactly which forms to print, to sign and to notarize, if necessary. Confused or not sure about something? Call or email our Customer Support team and we will help. When all the forms are printed and signed, simply go and file with your local court at your convenience, or file by mail if that option is available in your case. Yes, it really is that easy!

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Online Divorce Reviews
Jul. 06, 2016
Everything was good
-Daionne washington
Jul. 05, 2016
Very simple and easy to follow. Customer support was very helpful!
-Nafeeza Yusuf
Jun. 30, 2016
Thankyou this site made life much easier for me!
-Michele Zwarg
Jun. 16, 2016
The online application procces was very user friendly and easy to do.
-Gary Lampella
Jun. 08, 2016
Would use it again
-Christina Culley
Jun. 07, 2016
This service is ideal in an uncontested divorce situation in which both parties are in agreement as to division of property,etc. It cuts out all ...
May. 11, 2016
It was easy to fill out, just follow the prompts.
-Marshall Lucas
May. 03, 2016
Short and Painless
-Crystal Mayo
Apr. 26, 2016
Each time I contacted the support staff, my calls were returned within a day if not immediately. They were helpful, knowledgeable and patient with me ...
-Beth H
Apr. 24, 2016
Easy to do. I made a good choice.
-LeKisa Bell
Apr. 20, 2016
The program was very easy to follow. It made this less painful than what I was expecting.
-Brent Lilly
Apr. 19, 2016
Simple to use and call for help when needed.
Apr. 19, 2016
Great service!!!
Mar. 30, 2016
Thank You. This was a very easy and cheap solution for an uncontested divorce
-Keith Phillips
Mar. 23, 2016
Great service easy to use
-Robert King
Mar. 15, 2016
It was ez..I loved it
-yaritza Rivera
Mar. 10, 2016
Very easy to use
-Heather Kennedy
Mar. 10, 2016
Quick and easy. Much better than dealing with an attorney, especially for a simple divorce case in which there is no animosity involved.
-Jennifer Yohn
Mar. 07, 2016
Just keep contact number close and they return calls well
-Amanda Dyer


OnlineDivorce provides you with a simple online tool to get your divorce done quickly and without hassles. Our 4 step process is easy: check if you qualify, answer detailed questions, review your completed forms and complete the filing process.
OnlineDivorce costs a fraction of what other websites charge, and even less than what lawyers charge. For $149 you will get unlimited support from our team, all of your documents completed and ready to file, and help with the actual filing.
No, it does not matter where you were married. A divorce should be filed where you or your spouse reside. You do not file in the state or country where you married, but rather where you live. Check your state page for specific residency requirements.
Yes of course! All states allow people that live there to also file for divorce there, regardless of where they were married. Most states require that you or your spouse have lived there for a minimum of 30, 60 or 90 days in order to file there, so you should check the specific requirements of your state when you go through the qualification process. The forms and instructions are state specific and will be provided in accordance with state law.
Yes, of course! OnlineDivorce provides the documents necessary to address all child related issues.
Yes, most definitely! provides the documents necessary to divide property and debt, including the most complicated situations.
We have good news! There are no additional programs that you need. In order to view and print the forms, you will use Adobe Acrobat reader which is already installed on almost all computers, and is available for free if it is not.
Yes, no problem! If you change your mind, make a mistake or if your spouse has changes to make, you can return to your account to make changes. We make this process easy, and if you are not sure how to change something, just contact our Customer Care team and we will be glad to help.

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Have you spoken to a lawyer yet? If you did, you already know that they charge between $1,000 and $2,500 for the simplest of cases. On average our customers save at least $1,500 when using our service, because of our flat fee of $149. There are no hidden costs, and our customer care team is available via email or phone to help you at any time throughout the process. Our service takes out a lot of the stress and all of the confusion out of the divorce process.

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