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Online Divorce provides qualitative and approved by the court Pennsylvania divorce forms. The information below will help you understand more about the divorce in Pennsylvania.



If you want to get a divorce in Pennsylvania, then one of the spouses must live in the state for 6 months before filing the documents.


Valid Grounds to get divorce

Courts of Pennsylvania deals with only those divorce cases that are properly based on valid reasons. Two basic categories of these cases include fault divorces and no-fault divorces. Both the spouses have to agree with the reason and are required to validate it. Among these reasons, most common are:

1) Disloyalty in relationship

2) Impotency

3) Aggression and violence

4) Irrecoverable illness in either of the spouse

5) Spouses voluntarily do not live with each other for more than 1 year


Custody of the Child

The court of Pennsylvania will decide on the individual or joint custody of the child, guided solely by the interests of the child. The following issues can affect the court decision:

1) the child's age, health and education

2) the relationship between the child and the parent, the atmosphere in the family

3) the financial situation of both parents

4) the wishes of the parents or the child

However, if there was violence in the family, then the court will decide on individual care for the parent who did not show aggression. But nevertheless, Pennsylvania courts encourage both parents to make joint decisions about the future of the child.


Rules for Child Support

Support for children is governed by the rules of Pennsylvania's child support guidelines. Calculation of financial support is based on the basic needs of the child and the financial ability of the parents to satisfy them. Support for the child ends after reaching the age of 18.

When assigning a support amount, the following factors are considered:

1) the standard of living of the child during the marriage of the parents

2) the physical and emotional state of the child

3) the cost of a child's medical insurance

4) financial needs of the child



Rules for Spousal Support

If one of the spouses needs financial support after the divorce, the courts of Pennsylvania may award one of the spouses to pay alimony to help another on the basis of the following circumstances:

1) the duration of the marriage

2) the financial capabilities of the spouses

3) the possibility of the spouse-payer to meet the financial requirements


Mediation Support

Courts of Pennsylvania will do their utmost to encourage the spouses to use the services of mediators to resolve all disputes. In this case divorce will be postponed for 90-120 days.


Divorce Forms in Pennsylvania

On the website of the state of Pennsylvania, you can find a number of online forms, as well as information that will help you when filling out documents for a divorce. But do not forget that the forms that you need to fill out in your particular case will depend on the circumstances of your divorce. If you have difficulties or doubts when filling out your documents, you can always use the services of Online Divorce, we will help you fill out all divorce forms online correctly, which will save you a significant amount of time, effort and money.