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Online Divorce provides qualitative and approved by the court Iowa divorce forms. The information below will help you understand more about the divorce in Iowa.



If you want to apply for a divorce in Iowa, at least one of the spouses must reside in the state within 12 months before filing the application.


Valid Grounds to get divorce

In Iowa there are only no-fault divorces are recognized. Your marriage will be considered as irretrievably broken and you will not need to prove in court that your spouse made a mistake in the marriage that led to the inevitable divorce.


Custody of the Child

Courts in Iowa can award both joint and individual custody of the child, guided by the principles of what is best for the child. The decision will depend on the results of the analysis of the following factors:

1) the relationship of the child with each of the parents;

2) the relationship between parents;

3) the effort that every parent has invested in the upbringing of the child;

4) the psychological and emotional dependence of the child on each parent;

5) the geographical situation of parents;

6) the age, maturity, psychological and mental state of the child;

7) facts of domestic violence;

Also, the court may require parents to provide a plan for the upbringing of the child, in which it is necessary to write down the following points: how the parents are going to make important decisions in the life of the child, how the child's life will be organized, how the parents are going to share the pastime with the child, how the parents are going to settle the differences in making decisions about the child's life.


Rules for Child Support

After the divorce, Iowa courts require the spouses to satisfy the basic financial needs of their underage children, provide them with education and health insurance. Child support is regulated by the Income Shares Model that is calculated on the basis of the income of each parent and the number of underage children under their care.


Rules for Spousal Support

After the divorce, Iowa courts may require one spouse to financially support the second spouse on a permanent or an interim basis. A positive decision on alimony can be made after an analysis of the following factors:

1) property owned by each spouse;

2) duration of the marriage;

3) the age of the spouses, their psychological and physical condition;

4) education of spouses and their professional skills;

5) the time necessary for one spouse to acquire additional skills that will ensure his employment;

6) tax liabilities of each spouse;

7) the existence of a marriage contract between the spouses;


Mediation Support

Courts attract mediators in cases where the custody of underage children appears in the divorce.


Divorce Forms in Iowa

On the Iowa Judicial Brunch website you can find online forms and a guide to fill them out. But before you start filling out the documents, you need to determine to what kind of divorce you belong, it can be Divorce with no Minor or Dependent Adult Children "or" Divorce with Children ". If you fill out the forms yourself, you may encounter a number of unclear questions and incomprehensible legal terms. Online Divorce is always ready to help you with the selection of the necessary documents for your divorce, as well as help to fill them correctly in accordance with state requirements, this will allow you to avoid delays in the process of divorce.