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Online Divorce provides qualitative and approved by the court Washington divorce papers. The information below will help you understand more about the divorce in Washington . However, if you feel any doubt or insecurities, we will help you figure out how get your divorce form documents quickly and correctly filled out according to the rules set by the state without hiring an Attorney. provides quick and inexpensive services of online divorce in Washington. We guarantee that in a short time you will receive the correct Washington divorce documents with specific circumstances of your divorce, as well as a detailed instruction on what to do next.


Below you can find common steps of how to get divorce in Washington:

1. Divorce in Washington is usually called dissolution of marriage. One of the most basic conditions for ending a marriage should be that marriage is legal. In other words, marriage is recognized in the eyes of the law of Washington state.

2. You or your spouse must be residents of the state. Or you should have a spare housing located on the territory of the state and you prove your intention to make this the main place of living.

3. You must have grounds for divorce. Washington state law has no-fault grounds, which means that your marriage is considered irretrievably broken and there is no need to prove in court that your spouse made a serious mistake that led to a break in relations. However, if the court sees at least some opportunity to restore marital relations, then by all means it will facilitate the reconciliation of the spouses.

4. If you have underage children or common property, then you and your spouse must agree on who will be the main guardian and on which parts the property will be shared. Similarly, if you are applying for alimony, you must also come with the spouse to agree on this issue. If you can not independently settle your disputes, then the court will make decisions at the court hearings regarding the issues listed above.

5. You have to fill out Washington divorce papers. This is one of the longest and most time consuming processes, because what kind of documents you should fill out will depend on the type of your divorce. It does not matter, either it is uncontested, or it is a contested divorce, you still need to fill out the forms established by the law of the state of Washington. Please note that if you make mistakes when filling out forms or fill out documents that do not relate to the circumstances of your divorce, the court will reject your application, which will lead to the fact that your divorce proceedings will be delayed. However, do not be afraid, you can initiate an online divorce in Washington using the online divorce service, simply by answering questions about your marriage. In this way it can greatly speed up the process of divorce, as well as give you guarantees that you will receive correctly filled papers that correspond to the circumstances of your divorce.

6. As soon as all the Washington divorce papers are ready, you have to sue them, and then send copies of the documents to your spouse so that he or she can read them. Also your spouse must fill out a document in which he or she confirms that he or she has received copies of all documents, this document should also be registered with the court and attached to your divorce form documents. After this the court will grant the divorce within 90 days.



In order to be able to file for divorce in Washington, you or your spouse must be residents of the state. Unlike most states, Washington does not oblige spouses to reside in the state for a certain period of time before filing a lawsuit. You need to prove that you or your spouse is really a resident of Washington. This is possible if you or your spouse have a permanent home within the state and is going to make it a main residence. Also, the court will take into account the voter registration, driver's license or postal address to determine the main place of leaving.


Valid Grounds to get divorce in Washington

To file for divorce in Washington is only possible on the basis of no-fault grounds. This means that the relationship between partners is irretrievably broken and there is no opportunity to restore marital relations.

If one of the spouses does not agree with the grounds for divorce, then the court will consider all the circumstances that led to the fact that the spouse wants to dissolve the marriage, and will also consider any opportunities for reconciliation.

If the court is convinced that the relationship is really irretrievably broken and there is no chance of trying on, then the divorce in Washington will be granted fairly quickly. If after analyzing all the factors the court comes to the conclusion that there is a chance for the resumption of relations, then by all legal means it will facilitate the propitiation of the spouses and the restoration of the marriage relations.



As in many states in Washington, one way to terminate a marriage can be an annulment, also it is called  "declaration of invalidity." Annulment is not applied to all marriages, but only in cases where, in fact, marriage does not exist in the eyes of state law. This means that Washington does not recognize this marriage, since it was concluded with violations of state regulations. Such marriages include marriages that are concluded where:

1) one of the spouses has not reached the age that is authorized by the state for marriage;

2) spouses are blood relatives to each other, for example, parent and child, marriage and sister, etc.

3) at one of the spouses at the time of registration of the marriage there is already a living spouse and their marriage is still not terminated;

4) one of the spouses was too drunk or mentally ill and could not give his or her consent for the marriage;

5) one of the spouses was forced to marry by coercion or by means of swindling;


Custody of the Child

With a divorce in the state of Washington, the court is guided by the best interests of the child. Similarly, when deciding on custody, the court obliges parents to provide a parenting plan that must be attached to divorce form documents. The parenting plan is designed to provide the best support for emotional growth, the health and stability of the child, as well as physical assistance in the upbringing of the child. Each parent must provide his/her plan, which will describe:

1) ways to ensure physical care for the child;

2) supporting the emotional level of the child;

3) satisfaction of the basic needs of the child in the process of his or her development;

4) distribution of responsibilities between parents;

5) ways to minimize the child's participation in the conflicts of the parents;

6) choosing a place to stay;

7) ways to overcome disagreements between parents when making important decisions regarding the upbringing of the child;

8) the schedule of the child's stay with each parent;

If the parents do not agree with the parenting plan, then the court will independently decide on all of the above issues and will oblige parents to follow new plan. In the same way, parents can supplement or change some points in the parenting plan by submitting an application to the court with arguments for any changes.

Despite the fact that the divorce in the state of Washington is granted on the basis of no-fault grounds, nevertheless such facts as physical, emotional or sexual violence in the family, deliberate abandonment affect the decision regarding custody. So if one of the parents was guilty of one of the above fault grounds, then the court for such a parent can significantly reduce the time of the child's visit or prohibit seeing the child at all. If in the family has had a place of violence or the spouse has intentionally left the family for a long time, it should be indicated in the Washington divorce papers in order to provide the child with the most comfortable conditions for upbringing


Rules for Child Support

With a divorce in Washington, the court obliges both spouses to support their minor children born in wedlock. The formula for calculating financial assistance to a child is used on the basis of the Income Shares Model. The basic parameters of the formula are the monthly income of parents, the number of children and their age from 0 to 11 years, or from 12 to 18. Thus, if the total income of parents is $ 8,600 per month, and in the family there are 3 minor children under 11 years of age, then the amount of financial support will be $ 758. However, if you change the age of children, for example, children over 11 years old, and leave all other parameters unchanged, then the support amount will be $ 936. Not always parents will pay in equal shares the amount of financial support for the child. When calculating the amount of financial support, the court will also calculate the share of each parent in the amount of financial support for the child, based on the level of the monthly income of each partner.


Rules for Spousal Support

With a divorce in Washington, there is a separate type of financial support, which is awarded by the court from one spouse to another. This kind of support is called alimony. Usually, alimony is paid to the spouse who needs financial assistance after the divorce so that he or she does not live in poverty after the marriage is terminated. In many cases, the spouses can agree on the amount of alimony and the time of their payment, but if the couple can not come to an agreement, then the court will make a fair decision after analyzing a number of factors, which include:

1) financial opportunities and resources of a spouse who needs support;

2) the standard of living to which the spouses are accustomed during the marriage;

3) the time and resources needed for a needy spouse to acquire skills that will help find a satisfactory job;

4) duration of marriage;

5) age, level of physical and mental health of the requesting spouse;

6) debt obligations of the requesting spouse;

7) the financial resources and resources of the spouse who will pay alimony;

These are the main factors that the court will consider when making a decision on alimony. So if there was a physical abuse in the family or a spouse made an adultery that led to the desire to file a divorce, these circumstances will still not be considered by the court, since Washington is no-fault state.


Property division

If you are faced with a divorce in Washington and you have a question about the division of property, the first thing you need to know is that Washington is a community property state. This means that under state law, all property that was acquired in marriage is a common property and must be divided in half after the dissolution of the marriage. In a private conversation, you can agree with your spouse about how exactly your community property should be shared. However, if you and your spouse can not come to an agreement, then the court will make its decision after hearing about the divorce. So if you want to achieve a fair division, in your Washington divorce papers you should specify as accurately as possible all the property that was acquired by you and your spouse during the marriage, including debt obligations. In order to make a fair decision regarding the section, the court must know which property is community and which is private. Private property - this is what was acquired by the spouses before the marriage. Thus, the court relies on information from you and your spouse regarding all your property. If you expect a fair decision from the court, then everything that you and your spouse have, as well as what was purchased by you before the marriage is to be reflected in your  divorce form documents, as well as the approximate cost of all of the listed property.


Divorce without a lawyer in Washington

If you apply for a divorce in Washington, then there is no need to use the services of a lawyer. Cases when a divorce is made without the participation of a lawyer are called Pro Se Divorce, it is a Latin expression that translates as "on her or his own". Depending on which county you live, the process of divorce in the state of Washington can vary. Nevertheless, a divorce without the participation of a lawyer is completely legal and is subject to execution in any state. If the spouses have come to the agreement of a division of property and custody of children, then it is very convenient to initiate the Pro Se Divorce.


Mediation Support

Any spouse can self-request the help of mediators whose job is to reconcile the spouses and help them to reach a consensus on the contentious issues during the divorce in Washington.


Divorce Forms in Washington

To file for a divorce in the state of Washington, courts require spouses to fill out a number of documents which will vary depending on the circumstances of the divorce case. The main documents to be submitted to the court are: "Petition for Dissolution of Marriage", "Summons", "Confidential Information Form", and "Vital Statistics Form". On the Washington state courts website, you can find all the different forms online.

When you begin to fill in your divorce documents, you can face a number of intricate questions or incomprehensible terms. This can cause some difficulties, especially if you do not have a legal background. But do not be afraid prematurely, Online Divorce in Washington is always ready to give you legal assistance in choosing the forms required for your type of divorce, as well as help you fill out the Washington divorce papers correctly in accordance with the state legislation. With Online Divorce, your process of dissolution of the marriage will become quick and easy. We guarantee that using our service, you will receive Washington divorce papers that will be accepted by the court. The process of filling out divorce form documents with is quite simple, you just need to answer a number of questions that are related to your marriage, and we will do the rest for you.


Uncontested Divorce in Washington

In Washington as well as in many states there is a simplified form of divorce or as it is also called: uncontested divorce in Washington. This type of divorce is much cheaper and faster, because it assumes that the spouses have come to a common decision on all issues that are related to divorce. When registering an uncontested divorce in Washington State, you and your spouse must agree on all disputable issues, including custody, alimony, property division, the amount of financial support for underage children, and so on. If you can not come to an agreement on even one issue, then your divorce will be considered as contested and you will have to go through a series of trials so that the court can make a decision regarding the controversies.

To obtain an uncontested divorce in Washington you must meet the following criteria:

1) you and your spouse are residents of the state of Washington;

2) you know the current address of your spouse or where he or she resides;

3) you agree on all the contentious issues of your divorce and formalized your agreement documentarily.

To get an uncontested divorce in Washington you have to file next divorce form documents: Petition for Divorce, Confidential Information Form, Summons, Acceptance of Service, Stipulated Agreement, Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, and Decree of Dissolution.

If you feel that you can not fill everything yourself, then you can use the help of Online Divorce. We will prepare all necessary divorce form documents as soon as possible. Remember that if you make a mistake in your forms, the court will reject them. Online Divorce gives 100% guarantee that the Washington divorce papers that are filled through our service will be approved by the court.


How to Serve Divorce Papers in Washington

After all your divorce form documents are filled in and handed over to the court, you need to take the last step - to notify your spouse about the beginning of the divorce proceedings, in other words: to serve your spouse, you must provide him or her  with the copies of all your Washington divorce papers. If you and your spouse are in a good relationship, you can fill out the "Joinder to the Petition" together and attach it to your Washington divorce papers. However, if your relationship is not so good, you can ask the sheriff from the county in which your spouse resides to deliver him or her documents. If you need to notify the spouse in the shortest possible time, then you can use the private service of serving, but it will cost a little more. If you do not know where your spouse is, then you can place a news in a local newspaper where you tell about the beginning of the process of your divorce in the state of Washington. This will be enough for the judge to understand that you served your spouse.

If there are no disputable issues in your case, then the court will grant a divorce within 90 days.


Filing Fees for divorce in Washington

Total fees will contain sum of Washington court filing fees and cost of using the service of online divorce in Washington. This cost may vary by county. Please check with your local court officer to determine the exact amount.