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If you want to file a divorce in Arkansas, the spouse who applies for divorce must be a resident of the state for at least 2 months (60 days), and also reside in the state for 3 months during the divorce process.

If both spouses are not residents of the state, the documents must be sued in the county in which the defendant resides.


Valid Grounds to get divorce

If the spouses live separately for more than a year and a half, then you can apply for a divorce on the no-fault basis.

1) adultery of one of the spouses during marriage;

2) cruel or inhuman treatment of one of the spouses to another

3) crime and sentence;

4) impotence;

5) addiction to alcohol for a long period of time;

6) complex mental illness of one of the spouses;

Custody of the Child

Custody is awarded without regard to the sex of the parent, but taking into account the needs of the child.

In the state of Arkansas custody is appointed in such  way as to create for the child the least traumatic conditions during the divorce of parents, as well as to ensure the most frequent visits of the parent and child.

Courts are governed by the provisions of Arkansas Child Custody law and also take into account next factors when deciding:

1) needs and desires of the child depending on his age and level of health;

2) monthly expenses required for the maintenance of the child, as well as the monthly income of the parents;

3) the possibility of frequent visits with a parent who is not a guardian

4) facts of domestic violence or ill-treatment

5) reasons for divorce and circumstances between parents

Also a court can award joint custody, in case if both parents agree to this and have resolved all internal differences.


Rules for child support

The court always makes a decision based on the specific child support guidelines which exist in the state of Arkansas in case if there are no special circumstances. When awarding custody, the court takes into account the costs of maintaining the child, necessary to maintain its normal level of psycho-physical condition, health, as well as the resources that are necessary for the growth and upbringing of the child.

Also the court pays attention to the income of each parent and the opportunity of the spouses to create favorable conditions for the child.


Mediation Support

In the state of Arkansas there are no opportunity to choose a mediator.


Divorce Forms in Arkansas

The main papers for the divorce settlement in Arkansas is “Complaint For Divorce”, where you need to specify all the

complaints and reasons why you want to end the marriage.

Depending on the district where you apply for divorce, you may have to provide any additional papers.

In the state of Arkansas there is an online package of divorces, provided by the legal service

and includes forms for divorces of the simplest uncontested divorce.

But note that divorces of varying complexity will require the filling of different types of forms and documents.

In such cases, people are easier to use the service of Online Divorce to get properly filled paper in accordance with the laws of the state of Arkansas, as well as save time and money in the divorce process.